Why Did Lamont Wayne Parents Split? Reason Explained

Metro Boomin’s fans are concerned about his father’s current status and about his whereabouts. Speaking with the media house, Metro Boomin said something that made everyone go in shock. Although Boomin’s father committed suicide, he did something that made everyone go awestruck. The news soon started to spread and more and more people started talkingΩ about the case. If you are someone who wants to know more about this case, about boomin’s father, and why he committed suicide, then this article might be for you. Several media houses reported the case and the news came out on Sunday. 

Who Is Lamont Wayne?

TMZ was the first to confirm the suicide case. According to TMZ’s news report, Boomin’s father firstly killed his wife and after that, he killed himself and committed suicide. The news was shocking and crucial at the same time. Netizens have a different, as per them Boomin’s mother’s boyfriend was the one who killed her. According to many sources, Boomin’s mother’s body was found in the Atlanta area and she was found dead outside the area. The news soon started spreading and many people came to know about the woman’s death.

Where Is Lamont Wayne Now?

Boomin who is a rapper by profession did not have his parents together, his father and mother have separated and his mother’s killer was his now father. His now father was the one who killed Boomin’s mother and then committed suicide. Boomin’s biological father is also gaining attention due to the incident. Lamont Wayne is the real and biological father of Boomin. Sadly the rapper had to go through such misery. He lost his mother in the murder. There is not much information about Boomin’s real Lamont on the internet.

Why Did Lamont Wayne’s Parents Split?

Boomin o the other never talked about his real father in the media, he kept his life and family private o social media. He was concerned about his mother and loved her as well. According to many sources, he didn’t have any conversation with his real father in ages.

His real parents separated when he was just in the third grade. Boomin’s mother raised him as a single mother. He has not opened yet about the murder case. Although there is no information from the police yet as well. Boomin is not open about his family, he might or might not release the information online. More information about the murder is yet to come out.  Our prayers and condolences are with the rapper.

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