Why Was Cal Arrested In Euphoria or Does Fez Die In Euphoria Season 2?

Euphoria Season 2 is one of the biggest hits which aired its finale episode last night. Yes, you read it right that one of the most fan-favourite series has been wrapped up now. The fans of the series are hurt, as well as enjoy the finale of the series. Throughout the season, the series successfully managed to keep the viewers excited till the end of the series.

The viewers have also given much love to the series, they liked the story of the series and also appreciated the artists for their work in the series. In this series, we are going to give you all the details about the finale of the series and so on.

Why Was Cal Arrested In Euphoria?

There is no doubt that the finale of Euphoria Season 2 was not easy at all for all the viewers but Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8 “All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name” hit us where it truly hurts. The last episode was a fatal episode of television, even by Euphoria standards, and makes up a more dramatic landscape for Euphoria Season 3 to explore.

From the beginning of Euphoria Season 2, the series was planting the seeds of a volatile finale to come. In the series, we have seen Rue, self-destruct, sabotage her romantic chemistry with Jules. Although, the darkest moments in the Euphoria Season 2 finale came from events critical to the premiere of the season. After thinking he managed his rivals, Faye’s boyfriend Custer was deceived by Faye.

Does Fez Die in the Euphoria Season 2 Finale on HBO?

So, here is the good news for the fans of Fez, he is not dead. He was just shot in the gut. In the series, it was seen that he was breathing in the last. The story of the Euphoria will be continued in the third season of Euphoria.

Why was Cal Arrested in the Euphoria Season 2?

Yes, Fez was arrested in the second season of Euphoria’s finale. Well, his fate was left in the air when he finds out the cops are about to raid his apartment. After that, Ashtray got panicked and stabbed Custer in the necked which resulted in killing him.

Later, to protect Ashtray, Fez decided to remove the fingerprints from the knife and take the blame as he was already going down for the death of Mouse. So, he thought, why not two murders? Cal also got arrested for having underage s*x and recorded it for years, Nate reveals it to the cops.

Warnings this page contains Spoilers for the 2nd season of the finale of “Euphoria” past this point. There was no other way the second season finale of the show was going to go easy on us, but the 8th episode and the 2nd season of Euphoria “All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name” hit us where it really hurts.

After weeks of viewing Fezco (role played by Angus Cloud) blossom within his friendship with the HBO show’s citizen sweetheart Lexi (role played by Maude Apatow) might be the worst thing possible occurred: Fez’s adopted brother Ashtray (role played by Javon Walton) passed away in front of him.

Ashtray was assassinated by a SWAT team raiding his flat. It was a crucial episode of television, even by Euphoria standards, and sets up an even more dramatic landscape for the 3rd season of Euphoria to discover. From its starting, the 2nd season of the show has been planting the seeds of an explosive finale to come.

We have to view Rue (role played by Zendaya) self-destruct, wreck her romance with Jules (role played by Hunter Schafer), and finally hit rock bottom when she barely avoided being sold into 6 slavery. What Happened To Euphoria Chloe Cherry Lips?

Cassie (role played by Sydney Sweeney) has been systemically burning every bridge in her life just to be with Nate (role played by Jacob Elordi) and Lexi has produced an emotionally shattering play that takes her off the sidelines and right into the thick of the madness of Euphoria.

Quite literally, when it came to Cassie storming the stage to formulate some truth at the midway point of the show, directing to what Lexi later called “a riot” though really it was Maddy (role played by Alexa Demie) taking off her shoes to pursue Cassie out of the auditorium, and Cassie/Lexi’s Mom Suze (role played by Alanna Ubach) attempting in order to keep the peace.

Though the darkest moments in the finale of the 2nd season of Euphoria came from events critical to the premiere of the season. After thinking he had managed his rivals, Faye’s (role played by Chloe Cherry) beau Custer (role played by Tyler Chase) was backstabbed by Faye, who attempted to pin Mouse (role played by Meeko) 1st season murder on Laurie (role played by Martha Kelly), directing to a snowballing of events that left Ashtray lifeless, Fez being taken to prison, and the realization that the world of Rue has grown that much darker.

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