Why Was NCD’s Dela Coffie Arrested? Charges Explained

Dela Coffie is an activist and communicator who is gaining Limelight these days as rumors of him getting arrested are floating on the internet. Dela was said t be arrested on the 6th of June, Monday. The activist is really arrested and the rumors are not fake and are correct indeed.

 Dela was a communicator who used to work for National Democratic Congress.  Office of the Special Prosecutor Tweeted on Twitter saying, Dela Coffie was detained and news and other speculations about the arrest started floating on the surface of the internet. Let us find out more about the news and why was Della arrested and what are the charges against him? Ghana police gave out an alert of the accused being wanted on Friday and after a period of 2 days, Dela was finally arrested on Monday. 

Who Is NCD’s Dela Coffie?

Dela after the release of the warrant said that the actions taken were reckless and denied the OSP’s action. The arrest was made after the accused showed up along with his lawyers. According to some reports he was arrested around 12:50 pm on Monday afternoon. The accused was taken into custody after the release of an arrest warrant. Speaking about the accusations made against Dela, he was accused of taking corruption and opted to have corruption charges against him.

Why Was NCD’s Dela Coffie Arrested?

According to the reports, he forged some official and work-related documents which is an immense offense in any country. A press release was assigned after which the details about the arrest and accusations were released in the media. Before the arrest, the warrant was released and some information regarding the search and accusations Although the press occurred and the charges and the accused were laid in front of the media, there is no date assigned as of now for the trials and the interactions that occurred. Maybe the police will interact with dela and later they will release more information regarding this case.

NCD’s Dela Coffie: All Charges & Allegations Explained

Although the accused has his lawyer beside him, he might get proven not guilty. No offense but the case might go to any decision depending upon clues and proofs. Dela was born on the 22nd of September, 1975 ad as of now he is 48 years old. He was born in the Volta region, Anfoeta, Ghana. The news is widespread and people are more conscious of the case and want to know more about what is going on inside. Until now only his arrest news is up and the charges are displayed, after the officials release information, the news can be displayed.

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