Why Was Soriano Briceno Arrested? All Charges

As per the recent reports, a piece of very shocking news is coming up where Soriana Briceno who is a Press School instructor caught on a camera and now everyone is shocked after looking at this video where she is harassing and trying to molest small childrens and it was a live stream going on. However full images are leaked and the innocent little children were molested she was not alone in this whole matter but there is one more person involved who seems to be her coworker whose name is Zeina Alostwani. So stay here and let’s know about the complete case on the teacher and why she is being accused. Parents send their children to the school to gain some knowledge and so that their children can feel safe, 

Soriano Briceno Arrest Reason

And they can gain education and they can be more creative and they can become confident enough to express themselves in a way but here the school teachers are being involved in such kind of activities not only the school members and faculty members and the childrens are also feeling ashamed and guilty.

Police are still investigating the whole case and it is under process. However, talking about the full case so there is not much information regarding this but soon it will going to post about the whole information and the video which is getting viral these days About this particular act done by the school teacher. Talking about Soriana Briceno 19 years old and a teacher from Georgia.

Soriano Briceno Molesting A Child On The Live Stream Video

Now she is on trending on the social media platform these days and she has been involved in the case of abuse which is a matter of big same for a teacher because there are a lot of students who follow the teacher. So talking about the picture and the video which goy viral only on social media platforms where we can see a small baby and she is assaulting the small children and she is also abusing them and shouting very badly at the small baby however talking about the children’s so they are also presented in that video where they are bodily assaulted the small children.

Soriano Briceno All Charges & Allegations

By God’s grace, the video was streaming live on the social media platform and the whole situation got caught by the parents. They are going to appear in the courtroom on Tuesday and the bond that was being made for both of them dollar 75000 is set for Zeina. Talking about Soreina so according to the information there is no such issue has been set for her the school is still reporting and they said that they have to go to the police for the ongoing investigation. In that particular video, we can see Zeina coming into the room and she is pushing the baby with the hernia however the small child is yelling and shouting.

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