Woman Dead Smith Machine Squat Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube, Leaves Everyone Scandalized!

Hello my dear friends, today we have come again with very good information for you. Today, we’re shaken and stirred by a tragic video that has gone viral on social media. In it, you can see a woman die while performing a Smith Machine squat. This tragic event has caused many people to share their horror and concern on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube. We want to know what you think about this situation and how you think people should react to it. Recently, a woman died after performing a Smith Machine squat. This tragic event sparked a lot of discussion on social media, with many people sharing their views on the matter. Stay tuned with our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Woman Dead Smith Machine Squat Video

The video of the woman dying has been shared on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube, and has already received nearly 350,000 views. We’re sorry to report that another person has died as a result of using Smith Machine squats. This video, which is circulating on social media and Reddit, has caused a lot of concern and grief. It is important to spread awareness about this dangerous exercise so that people can avoid it in the future. Almost 36,000 people have watched a video (see below) of a woman performing a Smith Machine squat gone wrong.


The scary part is that she dies. It’s not clear what caused the death other than being on the apparatus. Her friends told her to stop and after they said stop, she refused. She proceeded to complete 1, 2, 3, and finally 4 lifts before collapsing. Some people have been sharing this video currently which shows a woman getting squatting on a Smith Machine (you might have seen one of these at your gym). The video of this woman squatting on the smith machine is going viral and trending on Twitter and Reddit. This is a hilarious video and I am laughing so hard at this woman’s “death” by Smith machine squat.

A Smith machine squat is when the weight goes up and down on the barbell without your participation. You might not have known that this was even possible, but before you start freaking out about how dangerous it can be to just drop weights like that, let me tell you that it isn’t. Recently, a woman died while performing a Smith Machine squat. This tragic event has ignited a lot of conversation and outrage on social media. This is a video that was posted on Reddit and has since gone viral on Twitter and YouTube.


Death is never a pretty sight, but this woman’s death while squatting with a Smith machine in the gym has caused quite a stir on social media. The video, which was uploaded to Reddit and then quickly spread to other platforms, has been watched over two million times and shared by tens of thousands of people. It is not clear why the woman died, but the video does show her struggling to breathe and then slowly petering out in the gym. In response to the video, many people have called for better safety precautions in gyms, while others have shared their condolences.

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